Fruit People™ is a Miami-based operation, dedicated to shipping the best quality exotic, and premium tropical fruits and produce right to your door. We initially set roots in 2017 as a backyard endeavor in rare and exotic tropical fruit forests.

We collected rare tropical fruit trees from all around the world, and focused on growing the most delicious fruits we could find. In many cases, we had never even tried the fruits until we grew them ourselves, as they were simply not available anywhere locally.

Time progressed, and we became more impressed. The quality and unfathomable flavor of our rare and premium tropical fruits had exceeded our expectations by light-years. 

Like many of our partners and customers, we had long since abandoned hope for ordinary store bought fruits, which were virtually flavorless, and possibly even toxic.

We knew that if we wanted the absolute best, we would have to grow it ourselves, and work with other enthusiasts throughout the thriving tropical fruit community in south Florida to crystalize our ambitious vision.

After years of backbreaking labor, our fruit trees were producing what we knew were some of the most delicious types of tropical fruits on planet Earth.

Unfortunately, we also knew that most people in North America would live their entire lives without ever even hearing about many of these fruits, let alone tasting these legendary fruits.

This was an injustice we simply could not stand for, and it wasn’t anyone’s fault. The fruits are rare for a reason. The trees are extremely sensitive and so are the fruits. Some of the trees require tedious hand-pollination, while others will only produce fruit once every few years. Combined with the fact that the trees will only produce fruit in tropical and subtropical environments, they are not commercially viable options for large corporations that supply North America. Disappointed by this prospect, we understood that most of the best fruits in the world would simply never be available at local stores in Miami, let alone the rest of the nation.

While the world lagged behind, our passion and respect for tropical fruit continued to grow. As niche growers, we determined that we could ship what we grow if we shipped the same day we picked.

We had embarked upon a remarkable adventure as rare fruit tree collectors and enthusiasts, and we wanted to share the glory and majesty of these exceptional and exotic fruits which nature had revealed to us.

We became determined to revolutionize people’s perception of what excellent fruit is, and in the summer of 2021, Fruit People™ was officially branded.

With shovels blazing, we decided to expand our roles as diligent stewards of our orchard, to include serving as humble stewards of the wonderful, enthralling, and inspiring journey through the exciting world of excellent, delicious, rare and premium tropical fruits for our fellow Fruit People™