Return Policy

Fruit People™ does not accept returns.

According to our policy and terms of service, we do not issue refunds.

By placing an order, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, and agree to our No-Refund Policy.

Our customer support team is eager to help resolve technical order issues which may arise throughout any phase of the customer experience, where Fruit People™ is responsible for the error, and where the carrier service is responsible for the error.

Instances where Fruit People™ or the carrier service is responsible for the error include, but are not limited to the following:

Package does not contain proper order contents. If upon opening your package you are able to determine that your package does not contain the product that you ordered, please contact our customer support team immediately. (Click Here).

Package was delivered to the incorrect address. You will be asked to confirm the shipping address you used during the checkout process. We are not responsible for user end errors.

Package arrived damaged and products are also damaged. If a package arrives damaged, it must be photographed immediately. All claims pertaining to damaged packages or damaged products must be submitted within 24 hours of receiving your package. If any products contained within the package are damaged, we will need photographs of the damaged products and a description of the affected products. A matter of this nature is reported as a shipping claim with our carrier service; however, we will likely issue a store credit or partial refund of the damaged goods. We do not guarantee a refund of any kind, whether full or partial pending the outcome of our carrier claim. Claims which are resolved successfully with our carrier service may be refunded; however, store credit may be offered instead of a refund, according to the discretion of Fruit People™ management.

Package delay. Packages sometimes get lost, or misplaced by the carriers. We will submit claims with any of our carriers regarding any package delays on perishable goods. Please contact the Fruit People™ customer service team with your order number. (Submit Claim Here)

Package did not arrive. We will dispute any No-Show packages with any of the various carrier services we rely upon. All No-Show claims must be submitted to Fruit People™ within 4 weeks of purchase date. (Click Here). We will issue a store credit for verified claims.

Fruits did not ripen. We do not issue any form of refund or store credit compensation for fruits which were peeled or cut prematurely. Please refer to the Fruit People™ Ripening Guide. *In the instance that the fruit you ordered did not properly ripen, due to some sort of natural fluke, please contact Fruit People™ within 2 weeks of receiving your order (Click Here). We will require quality photographs of the affected fruit(s) in order to determine a resolution. We may offer store credit or partial refund; however, refunds are only administered according to corporate discretion.

Pre-Order Cancellations: A 10$ processing fee will be applied to any Pre-Orders cancelled by the customer before the package has shipped, as stipulated in our Terms of Service.

If your shipping address has changed and you still wish to receive your Pre-Order, please submit your new address, along with your order number (Here). If the state has changed, we will determine whether your original order is eligible for shipment based also upon your state's produce import regulations. Please visit the Fruit People™ Shipping Guide for more information.

Fruit People™ will cooperate with law enforcement regarding any criminal, abusive or fraudulent use of this website, forums, or any of our provided services. This also applies to any unauthorized purchases, fraudulent purchase reports, or other potential exploitation. This is to maintain the trust, privacy and support of the Fruit People™ community. Please visit our Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service.

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