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Banana Variety Box


Our Banana Variety Box is comprised of several types of delicious exotic bananas. The exact combination of species will alternate throughout the year depending on what is ripe and ready to pick. Bananas grow in large clusters which emerge from the top of a pseudostem, which is essentially the trunk of a banana tree. Each banana tree produces just 1 cluster of bananas, and then the pseudostem dies back and a new banana tree emerges from the underground root system. This process takes time and patience, therefore we may only have a small quantity of a particular variety of rare bananas at any given time. The Banana Variety Box allows our customers to experience several different types of top notch bananas, without sacrificing quantity. We only include the best tasting types of rare bananas in our variety box.

Our bananas are harvested just before the fruits begin changing color from green to bright yellow, and once all of the starches have developed within the fruit. After being picked, these starches slowly convert into sugars.  Commercially grown bananas are picked weeks prematurely, and are shipped across seas in gas filled chambers to prevent them from ripening. As a result, by the time they arrive at your local store they are virtually flavorless, stringy, and mealy. Our bananas are not stringy or mealy, and they are not fibrous the way commercially produced bananas are. Whether the variety is Nam Wah, Cuban Red, Pisang Raja, Pitogo, Gros Michel, Mysore, Blue Java, Brazilian Dwarf or any other variety we ship, our bananas will be immensely flavorful, sweet, creamy, dense, rich and loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. They are a great source of magnesium, potassium, folate, and vitamin A.

Our bananas are so delicious they can substitute a dessert when fully ripe, or they can even be fried or cooked and used as a vegetable in endless culinary combinations.

To ensure that your bananas ripen to their fullest potential, allow the bananas to ripen at room temperature for several days, and don’t refrigerate unripe fruit, as this will derail the ripening process. As with most fruits, it’s better to be certain that the fruit is ripe before peeling or cutting it, so feel the fruit, if it feels soft, it’s probably ripe.  Bananas will gradually change from a green color, to a light yellow, to nearly black. Unlike store-bought bananas, These bananas are best once the peel has become a mix of light yellow and black. You can experiment with different stages of ripeness to find what tastes you like best. Ripe bananas can be stored in a refrigerator drawer or crisper bin, or you may also freeze these bananas for blending or other uses. However, before freezing, be sure to peel the bananas and freeze in an airtight bag, as they will not peel easily once frozen.


Why Our Fruits Are the Best:

Our fruits are allowed to grow on the trees further into the growing season to allow proper fruit development for optimal flavor, vitamin and nutrient content.  Our fruits are picked from our own rare tropical fruit trees, from the trees of our local partners, collectors, and sourced internationally from sustainable organic niche farmers.  Follow us on Instagram @Fruitpeople_com 

Pre-Orders will ship in the order they are received, as soon as the fruit is in season and ready to be picked.

  • Small Box contains approximately 3-5 pounds of fruit 
  • Medium Box contains approximately 8-10 pounds of fruit 
  • Large Box contains approximately 14-16 pounds of fruit 

Box weight and amounts vary depending on fruit type, volume and density.  All boxes are shipped with sustainably produced biodegradable packing material instead of Styrofoam or bubble wrap.  See our Shipping Guide for more information pertaining to our shipping schedule.

Please be mindful of estimated delivery times for orders, as prolonged package exposure to outdoor weather conditions, such as snow or extreme heat, will affect perishable produce.

All boxes are assembled and shipped starting on Monday of the week following your purchase.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be shipped for any product which is in season.  Pre-Orders will ship the following season for each respective fruit type, see details below.


When one of our fruits is not currently in season, or has sold out, we highly recommend placing Pre-Orders. Placing a Pre-Order of our rare and premium tropical fruits reserves your Box for the following season. When supply is low and demand is high, Pre-Orders are shipped first. Pre-Orders are shipped in the order in which they are received for each type of fruit. Your Pre-Order is shipped as soon as the fruits are in season and ready to be picked. Some fruits have only one season per year, others have multiple seasons.  Please refer to our Fruit Seasons Guide for more information. You don’t want to miss out on these delicious and sensational fruits!

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