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Lychee Box (Pre-Order 2022)


Litchi chinensis, commonly known as Lychees, are a phenomenal exotic fruit native to southeast Asia. The cultivation of Lychees dates back to the 11th century in southeastern China.

Lychees are round, and sometimes heart-shaped in appearance. Mature fruits are about the size of a ping-pong ball, with a single smooth seed in the center of the fruit. The outer shell of the ripe Lychee is generally red or pink, turning to a brown color after being picked. The shell or skin is rough with a stippled texture which makes peeling them effortless. Once the shell is loosed from the fruit, it reveals a translucent, juicy flesh, which is almost grape-like in appearance, yet much sweeter than virtually any grape. The shell and seed are not edible and should be discarded; however, the crunchy, yet soft fruit around the seed is extremely flavorful and aromatic. The scent of the fruit is rose-like, while the flavor is unique, absurdly sweet and reminiscent of red grape. Most people remember the first lychee they ever tried, even after many years, it is simply unforgettable. You can simply crack the fragile shell with your fingers and with a gentle squeeze, pop the fruit into your mouth like a grape. The single seed inside will separate from the fruit in your mouth and should be discarded. Additionally, for preparing this fruit for serving, you can carefully extract the seed using a thin paring knife by cutting from the top down in a circular motion, or by slicing the fruit in half and removing the seed.

While the flavor alone is the means through which fresh Lychee fruit has become a popular delicacy around the world, it is also high in vitamin C and natural sugars, which makes this fruit an energy powerhouse. Lychee is a great snack before high energy activities, and is also commonly used in drinks or on top of desserts.

Our Lychees are grown sustainably right here in Miami.  Our Lychee trees are grown 100% organically, without the use of any pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. Lychee trees will only set fruit after a cold, sustained winter which provides the environmental conditions necessary for proper fruit-set and pollination.  Therefore, we ask that you allow us 1-2 weeks to ship your order while the fruit is in season to ensure that the fruits are picked when they are the sweetest. We do not supply Lychees which are sprayed or treated in any way.

Our Lychees ship out ready-to-eat, and are ready to be indulged upon at the time you receive your box, without any additional ripening time. You should store your Lychees in the refrigerator as they will keep for 5-7 days. Lychees will last 2-3 days at room temperature. The shells may dry out and become brittle, however the fruit inside is still juicy and delicious as ever. If you order a lot of Lychees and would like to enjoy them throughout the year, you can freeze them in their shells and they will be good for up to 6 months. When you are ready to eat them, simply peel and eat them as soon as they thaw.  

Lychee season in south Florida is only a couple weeks long, and fresh Lychees are generally sold out in a matter of days. So to reserve your box of Lychees for the upcoming season, simply place a Pre-Order on our site and we will ship your order in the order it is received, as soon as the Lychees are in season and ready to be picked. The height of Lychee season in Florida is mid-summer, all Pre-Orders are placed in anticipation of the upcoming season. Enjoy!


Why our fruits are the best:

Our fruits are allowed to grow on the trees further into the growing season to allow proper fruit development for optimal flavor, vitamin and nutrient content.  Our fruits are picked from our own rare tropical fruit trees, from the trees of our local partners, collectors, and sourced internationally from sustainable organic niche farmers.  Follow us on Instagram @Fruitpeople_com

Please Note:  We are currently unable to ship this product to the following state(s): California.  This is in compliance with restrictions placed by the respective Department(s) of Agriculture regarding the importation and shipment of various tropical fruits, due to the potential ecological impact of the possible introduction of various foreign fruit fly species upon Agricultural Infrastructure within the listed state(s).  Please check out our other products as this restriction does not apply to all fruits & produce.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Pre-Orders will ship in the order they are received, as soon as the fruit is in season and ready to be picked.

  • Small Box contains approximately 3-5 pounds of fruit.
  • Medium Box contains approximately 8-10 pounds of fruit.
  • Large Box contains approximately 16-26 pounds of fruit.
  • Fiesta Box contains approximately 34-45 pounds of fruit.

Box weight and amounts vary depending on fruit type, volume and density.  All boxes are shipped with sustainably produced biodegradable packing material instead of Styrofoam or bubble wrap.  See our Shipping Guide for more information pertaining to our shipping schedule.

Please be mindful of estimated delivery times for orders, as prolonged package exposure to outdoor weather conditions, such as snow or extreme heat, will affect perishable produce.

All boxes are assembled and shipped starting on Monday of the week following your purchase.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be shipped for any product which is in season.  Pre-Orders will ship the following season for each respective fruit type, see details below.


When one of our fruits is not currently in season, or has sold out, we highly recommend placing Pre-Orders. Placing a Pre-Order of our rare and premium tropical fruits reserves your Box for the following season. When supply is low and demand is high, Pre-Orders are shipped first. Pre-Orders are shipped in the order in which they are received for each type of fruit. Your Pre-Order is shipped as soon as the fruits are in season and ready to be picked. Some fruits have only one season per year, others have multiple seasons.  Please refer to our Fruit Seasons Guide for more information. You don’t want to miss out on these delicious and sensational fruits!

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