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Averrhoa carambola, better known as Star Fruit is an exotic tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia. Star Fruit has a smooth, waxy skin which ranges from light green to bright yellow and every part of the Star Fruit is edible. The flesh of the fruit is semi-translucent with a yellow tinge. The fruits are crisp and crunchy, somewhat like a very juicy green apple.  The fruit is immensely flavorful, and refreshing, being both sweet and mildly sour described as having a sweet citrus-like flavor.  When the Star Fruit is sliced in cross-section it produces an iconic star-shaped wedge, a brilliant natural touch which complements the rim of virtually any drink glass or culinary dish. Smaller fruits may produce a 5-pointed star, while larger fruits may have additional points, yet both are mature fruits as Star Fruits oftentimes vary in size.  Star Fruit is an excellent addition to a fruit salad, and is also a wonderful snack just by itself. Throughout Southeast Asia, and many other parts of the world including South America and the Caribbean, Star Fruit is used in a wide variety of dishes.

Star Fruit is a vitamin packed powerhouse, rich with potassium, calcium, magnesium, folate, selenium, copper and zinc. It also contains small amounts of beta carotene and vitamin E with a natural balance of carbohydrates, sugars and fiber.

Some of our Star Fruits are hand-picked from our own trees here in Miami, while others are sourced from our local partners and niche growers throughout south Florida. Our Star Fruit is considered gold standard in quality, and none of our own Star Fruit trees have been treated with any kind of fungicide, herbicide or pesticide.

Note: People with kidney problems or those taking prescription medication should consult their doctor before eating Star Fruit.


Why Our Fruits Are the Best:

Our fruits are allowed to grow on the trees further into the growing season to allow proper fruit development for optimal flavor, vitamin and nutrient content.  Our fruits are picked from our own rare tropical fruit trees, from the trees of our local partners, collectors, and sourced internationally from sustainable organic niche farmers.  Follow us on Instagram @Fruitpeople_com

Please Note:  We are currently unable to ship this product to the following state(s): California.  This is in compliance with restrictions placed by the respective Department(s) of Agriculture regarding the importation and shipment of various tropical fruits, due to the potential ecological impact of the possible introduction of various foreign fruit fly species upon Agricultural Infrastructure within the listed state(s).  Please check out our other products as this restriction does not apply to all fruits & produce.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Pre-Orders will ship in the order they are received, as soon as the fruit is in season and ready to be picked.

  • Small Box contains approximately 3-5 pounds of fruit 
  • Medium Box contains approximately 7-9 pounds of fruit 
  • Large Box contains approximately 12-14 pounds of fruit 

Box weight and amounts vary depending on fruit type, volume and density.  All boxes are shipped with sustainably produced biodegradable packing material instead of Styrofoam or bubble wrap.  See our Shipping Guide for more information pertaining to our shipping schedule.

Please be mindful of estimated delivery times for orders, as prolonged package exposure to outdoor weather conditions, such as snow or extreme heat, will affect perishable produce.

All boxes are assembled and shipped starting on Monday of the week following your purchase.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be shipped for any product which is in season.  Pre-Orders will ship the following season for each respective fruit type, see details below.


When one of our fruits is not currently in season, or has sold out, we highly recommend placing Pre-Orders. Placing a Pre-Order of our rare and premium tropical fruits reserves your Box for the following season. When supply is low and demand is high, Pre-Orders are shipped first. Pre-Orders are shipped in the order in which they are received for each type of fruit. Your Pre-Order is shipped as soon as the fruits are in season and ready to be picked. Some fruits have only one season per year, others have multiple seasons.  Please refer to our Fruit Seasons Guide for more information. You don’t want to miss out on these delicious and sensational fruits!

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